Mike Foltynewicz
Atlanta Braves


62.7% Thrown  95.2 MPH

Foltynewicz mostly hurls Four-Seamers and just missed hitting triple digits this year with the pitch, topping out at 99.8mph. However, he lacks the deception of other starters without precise accuracy, return just 7.5% whiffs with the pitch and a high 84.5% contact rate.


7.8% Thrown  77.6 MPH

This Curveball features overall below average movement, but with its huge speed differential and solid zone rate, he can surprise batters with the pitch and catch them looking often for a called third strike as he holds a career 38.9% strikeout rate with the pitch.


21.4% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Folty relies on a Slider as his #2 pitch and displaying your typical slide piece movement. He's able to throw it for strikes constantly with a touch of whiffability, inducing chases off the plate at a 37.3% rate. However, this Slider simply isn't good enough if Folty is going to take a leap in future seasons.


8.2% Thrown  85.2 MPH

The most potential in Folty's arsenal is this Changeup, as batters geared up for the mega heat were way out in front, whiffing on 22.0% of the few 173 pitches he threw in 2016. If he cant keep up its near 50% zone rate, it wouldn't be surprising for the pitch to take a bigger role in future starts.