Mike Fiers
Detroit Tigers


43.4% Thrown  89.4 MPH

It's hard to be impressed by Fiers' heater - a Four-Seamer that comes in below 90mph and registered a horrendous -16.5 pVal in 2016. Batters held an enormous 1.043 OPS against the 1201 heaters Fiers threw last season, with a 23.3% HR/FB rate and 34.0% line drive rate. Ouch.


19.0% Thrown  73.9 MPH

Fiers throws a slow over-the-top Deuce that features a boatload of vertical drop, though the break isn't sharp enough to decieve batters - the pitch held a low 8.9% whiff rate and made contact on 89.0% of pitches inside the strikezone.


19.2% Thrown  82.5 MPH

With a very hittable heater, Fiers gets a lot of deception on his Changeup, taking advantage of salivating hitters for a 15.2% whiff rate and 40.7% O-Swing rate. He bumped up its zone rate as well in 2016 to an impressive 50.7% mark as he realized he needed to increase its usage to mask his ineffective heater.


12.9% Thrown  85.6 MPH

In an effort to keep batters of his Fastball more often, Fiers also features a Cutter that hits the zone often and induces fairly weak contact - batters held 10.7% HR/FB and 25.3% line drive rates against the pitch last season.