Mike Clevinger
Cleveland Indians


59.4% Thrown  93.4 MPH

It all starts with Clevinger's heater and there's work to be done. He threw the pitch in the zone at a poor 45.5% rate last season, leading to a horrendous 18.8% allowed walk rate for the pitch. Additionally, batters rarely offered at the pitch when it was off the plate and made solid contact when they took a hack, leading to a large 34.6% line drive rate.


5.8% Thrown  74.5 MPH

This is your standard "Get-Me-Over" Curveball as it doesn't have the bite to be a leader of his arsenal.


17.4% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Clevinger hinges on his slide piece in any count, including first pitch strikes, full counts, and as a putaway pitch. It features above average bend, though the Slider isn't as deadly as other offerings we've seen that would propel Clevinger into the upper tiers of starters.


17.3% Thrown  86.7 MPH

Clevinger developed his Changeup well over the course of last season, becoming the proper compliment to his Four-Seam Fastball. Its 15.6% whiff rate and 39.4% O-Swing speak well to the potential the pitch has moving forward.