Mike Bolsinger
Toronto Blue Jays


21.5% Thrown  87.8 MPH

Pitchf/x claims Bolsinger has a separate Four-Seamer and Cutter, though it may be tough to visually distinguish the two. We only saw 27.2 innings of Bolsinger in 2016 and his straight heater had some success at mercy of the baseball gods - he induced a 53.8% line drive rate but just a .067 ISO as batters made contact with his Fastball a whopping 92.0% of the time.


27.3% Thrown  78.9 MPH

Bolsinger's approach hinges mightily on his Curveball, which is uses to get strikes throughout at-bats and less so as a putaway offering given its low 9.5% whiff rate.


28.3% Thrown  79.6 MPH

This Slider is the pitch Bolsinger turns to when ahead in the count as it induced nearly 20% whiffs for the second season in a row. Even more absurd was its 50.8% O-Swing rate, which was lower than his 59.8% mark set the year before.


1.9% Thrown  83.3 MPH

Bolsinger barely touches a Changeup and threw only nine total in 2016. It's reserved only for those rare situations.


21.0% Thrown  87.5 MPH

Bolsinger's Cutter had the same problem of his Four-Seamer - plenty of hard contact - though it didn't have the same fortunes as batters held a high .250 ISO against the pitch in 2016.