Miguel Gonzalez
Texas Rangers


47.6% Thrown  91.5 MPH

Gonzalez's approach with Fastballs took a major U-turn in 2016, with his Four-Seamer usage rate falling dramatically but becoming much more effective in the process, allowing just a .097 ISO with the pitch. Meanwhile, his riding Fastball's usage increased slightly, but its groundball rate fell and batters took advantage of mistakes as they held a .886 OPS off Two-Seamers.


9.5% Thrown  77.2 MPH

Understanding that his Curveball was by far the weakest pitch in his repertoire, Gonzalez threw fewer in 2016 in favor of more Sliders and Changeups. Smart move considering the pitch held pVals below -4.0 across each of the last two seasons.


23.3% Thrown  86.7 MPH

Gonzalez was able to turn to his Slider constantly as his #2 pitch, throwing the bender for a strike well above 50% of the time. He was rarely punished with the offering, holding just a 6.3% HR/FB rate and inducing infield flyballs at a solid 28.1% mark.


19.7% Thrown  84.3 MPH

Gonzalez doesn't have a true putaway pitch, but the closest he's got is this Changeup that induced swings off the plate at a solid 42.3% rate and limited liners to a paltry 21.5% mark.