Michael Wacha
St. Louis Cardinals


52.0% Thrown  93.3 MPH

Wacha's success hinges greatly on setting the tone with his Four-Seamer, which took a step back last year. Its flyball rate decreasted as he spotted the ball closer to the heart of the plate, raising his allowed BABIP to .376 and spiking his line drive rate at 33.3%.


9.1% Thrown  74.6 MPH

Wacha was able to generate more depth on his hook last season, though it came at the cost of fewer strikes (42.9% zone rate to just 33.0%) and less horizontal bend.


20.3% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Wacha lost both horizontal movement and vertical drop on his Changeup, the second half of his bread-and-butter combination of his Fastball/Changeup to underperform in his tough 2016 season. The lesser movement led to a near 10 point jump in line drives allowed while his ability to throw the pitch for a strike has dropped since 2014, falling from a solid 46.0% mark to a poor 41.7% rate last season.


18.6% Thrown  89.8 MPH

Wacha's location of his Cutter took a step back in 2016 as instead of jamming lefties up-and-in with the pitch, the ball was falling a bit more, making it easier for lefties to drop the barrel on the pitch as contact went up six points despite throwing strikes at nearly the same rate.