Michael Pineda
Minnesota Twins


48.7% Thrown  94.1 MPH

Boy did Pineda struggle with his heater in 2016, tallying a horrendous -20.6 pVal with his Four-Seamer in 2016. The problem was poor location as Pineda often tossed the heater straight down the pipe, allowing batters to tee off for a .264 ISO and 20.6% HR/FB rate. While reducing walks is important, hopefully Pineda can hold back on giving into batters and focus instead on hitting corners.


40.2% Thrown  85.5 MPH

The pitch that makes Pineda so tantilizing is this Slider that is flat out deadly - 24.3% swinging strike rate, 51.5% O-Swing and just a .192 BAA across 1212 thrown in 2016. It may be a product of batters getting excited about smacking his Fastball a long way, though if he can command his heater a bit better this Slider will do the rest.


8.5% Thrown  88.5 MPH

A good tool to keep batters off Four-Seamers is often a Changeup, though Pineda struggles to make the pitch work, as it held just a 7.4% whiff rate and a very high 84.9% contact rate in 2016. It didn't help with his mitigation of hard contact either, allowing a .310 ISO to batters.