Matt Harrison
Philadelphia Phillies


64.3% Thrown  86.4 MPH

The Two-Seam action on Harrison's Two-Seamer is great, and generated plenty of groundballs before Harrison went down due to injury. The small sample size since hasn't been as effective, though expect the grounders to return with his movement.


13.7% Thrown  76.0 MPH

The big Curveball is Harrison's second option to earn strikes when he needed to mix it up from his Fastball. It's not exceptional, but serviceable.


15.9% Thrown  77.8 MPH

Harrison's Changeup is best secondary offering, acting as his premier strikeout pitch paired with a ton of ride away to right handers.


6.3% Thrown  82.9 MPH

Harrison hasn't had much success with his Cutter over the years, tallying a -14.8 pVal over the course of his career. It will be interesting to see if he turns to it all as he returns to the MLB from injury.