Matt Garza
Milwaukee Brewers


69.0% Thrown  92.2 MPH

Because Garza is a unique animal, his Four-Seam Fastball allowed a minimal 19.6% flyball rate in 2016, which is simply unheard of. In fact, his Two-Seamer generated grounders at a lower rate than his straight heater. It may be a product of slightly less "rise" on the pitch in 2016, combined with more pitches lower in the zone.


9.2% Thrown  75.0 MPH

The problem with Garza's Curveball is that batters simply refuse to swing at the pitch. This can be a major issues when he found the zone just 31.4% of the time last season.


16.3% Thrown  82.8 MPH

There's potential in Garza's slide piece, which holds a career 19.7% whiff rate and an O-Swing mark above 40%. The problem is that he's prone to mistakes with the pitch, as batters burned him for a .224 ISO last season. It's still his favorite putaway option and if he can execute better when ahead in the count, he could earn a positive pVal for the pitch once again.


3.6% Thrown  85.1 MPH

Garza barely touches his Changeup and understandably so - he struggles to throw it for a strike, it doesn't have much deception compared to his Four-Seamer, and batters simply aren't chasing it.