Matt Cain
San Francisco Giants


50.1% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Cain has essentially eliminated Two-Seamers from his repertoire, solely using his Four-Seamer to bring the heat...which has lost a tick in velocity since 2014. It's looking grim for Cain's heater as both his HR/FB and line drive rates have risen steadily, resulting in a horrendous .984 allowed OPS off Fastballs in 2016.


14.0% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Cain's best pitch in 2016 was this Curveball, which held its highest O-Swing rate of his career at 39.5%. Among the 218 thrown, not a single one was hit for extra bases, with just a 19.4% line drive allowed.


24.9% Thrown  84.9 MPH

Back when Cain's Slider was on top of its game, he would be able to earn strikes both over the plate constantly (near 50% rate) while also getting chases near a 35% mark. Both those numbers have dropped dramatically, down to just a 44.1% zone rate and 25.8% O-Swing. Without the confidence to turn to his slide piece when needs to it will be a tough hill for Cain to climb.


11.1% Thrown  84.4 MPH

Despite showcasing its highest whiff rate since 2013, Cain had trouble with his Changeup last season, holding a poor -4.6 pVal. It was a product of inconsistency - he could induce plenty of swings off the plate at 41.5% rate, but batters slugged a hefty .565 with a 22.2% HR/FB rate and near 30% line drive rate when Cain left it over the plate.