Masahiro Tanaka
New York Yankees


27.6% Thrown  90.7 MPH

Tanaka gets huge separation of movement between his Sinker and Four-Seamer, earning above average rise on his straight Fastball while getting a ton of horizontal bend on his Sinker at times. Tanaka weened off his Four-Seamer last year in favor of more Sliders and Sinkers, though his overall Fastball usage under 30% is not due to a poor heater: His Sinker earned groundball and zone rates above the 50% mark in 2016, while limiting batters to just a 9.4% HR/FB rate.


5.5% Thrown  75.6 MPH

With all of the excellent options at his disposal, Tanaka elects to use his Curveball more as a surprise strike than a deadly asset. The pitch held the highest zone rate in his repertoire at an impressive 55.6% mark last year.


27.5% Thrown  83.9 MPH

While his Splitter gets most of the attention, Tanaka's Slider held the highest whiff rate on the team with a 16.4% rate in 2016. Mixed with his ability to throw inside the zone on command turned the pitch into his most reliable offering inside he arsenal.


9.2% Thrown  86.6 MPH

Tanaka saw a dip in swinging strikes in 2016 as he lost a touch of vertical drop on the pitch. Still, its 48.7% O-Swing and allowed OPS of just .444 are impressive to say the least, setting the bar for Splitters across the majors.


9.2% Thrown  88.9 MPH

Tanaka doesn't turn to his Cutter often and for good reason - batters held a massive .964 OPS against the pitch ,smacking liners at a 32.7% rate and holding a 17.6% HR/FB. With his excellent Slider, Splitter, and Sinker, there's little reason to hinge on the Cutter often.