Marcus Stroman’s Slider vs. Chaz Roe’s Slider

At the start of July, Marcus Stroman’s Slider woke up and gave us some of the prettier pitches you’ll ever see. While this one may not have the fiercest movement, it’s elegant placement right on the outside corner dazzled plenty fans across the nation. The pitch faces a formidable foe in Chaz Roe’s breaker, however, as the pitch is a former GIF Champion and has had multiple entries over the years. This edition of the Roe Slider is as unreal as they come, swerving from the inside corner to a final resting spot well in the opposite batter’s box. Does the sheer aggression of Roe’s Slider overcome the perfect command of Stroman’s slide piece?


Marcus Stroman’s Slider vs. Chaz Roe’s Slider

Which was the better pitch? Vote to decide which pitch advances to the next round!


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