Marco Estrada
Toronto Blue Jays


37.6% Thrown  88.1 MPH

Estrada is a Four-Seamer heavy pitcher who gets a ton of back-spin on his heater, creating a ton of "rise" that induced flyballs at a startling 50.0% mark in 2016. Despite batters chasing the pitch out of the zone over 6 points less often, he made it up via limiting the longball: After three seasons of HR/FB rates above 11%, Estrada held just a 5.1% mark with the pitch last season. The drop may be in part to cutting his pitch usage dramatically in favor of adding a Cutter to his arsenal, allowing Estrada to focus his Four-Seamer inside to right-handers while turning to the Cutter along the outside corner.


10.7% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Estrada's breaking ball is a Curveball that's more of a "Show-Me" pitch to keep batters considering something different than his Fastballs and Changeup mix. It doesn't have the whiffability to be a major asset, nor does he use it as a heavy strikeout threat.


29.7% Thrown  77.2 MPH

Estrada's Changeup is the Yin to his Four-Seamer's Yang, playing the two off each other constantly to keep batters guessing on every delivery. Result was a 21.5% whiff rate on the pitch last season, with batters holding just a .161 batting average against Changeups in 2016.


22.1% Thrown  87.2 MPH

Estrada introduced this Cutter last year as an option to mix in with his Four-Seamer and it was...meh. The goal was to sit on the outside corner while jamming Four-Seamers inside, but Estrada did a much better job pinpointing his heater than his Cutter, which often found itself near the middle of the zone. The result was a HR/FB rate over the 15% mark, a high number when considering his 50% flyball rate.