Madison Bumgarner
San Francisco Giants


49.6% Thrown  90.9 MPH

Bumgarner mostly throws Four-Seamers and there's little reason to stop his current approach. Despite a dip in zone rate to sub 50% levels in 2016, Bumgarner compensated with a stellar 32.2% O-Swing, keeping his line drive rate under a 30% clip for the first time since 2013.


15.1% Thrown  74.6 MPH

With batters already cautious about Bumgarner's Fatball/Slider mix, the southpaw often turns to his Curveball to shut the door as it drops over ten inches more than his Slider. That different led to a 18.4% whiff rate and a 51.6% K rate for the pitch in 2016.


31.8% Thrown  86.7 MPH

Bumgarner makes his dough with his Slider, which has earned an unreal 85.7 pVal over his career. The secret to its success is consistent command down in the zone while his side-winding delivery makes it difficult to pick up. Batters can't differentiate between his Slider and Four-Seamer quickly, and the five inch vertical drop difference and extra four inch bend make it too late to adjust.


3.4% Thrown  83.4 MPH

Bumgarner rarely touches his Changeup, electing to save the pitch if he needs a new look for batters on their second or third at-bat of the game.