Lucas Harrell
Toronto Blue Jays


59.1% Thrown  91.5 MPH

Harrell mostly uses Two-Seamers, which he held a horrendous 42.9% zone rate last year, leading to a high 16.4% BB walk with the pitch. There's little reason to expect success with such poor command of his heater, though it might return as he logs more innings on a major league club.


14.5% Thrown  81.2 MPH

Harrell turned to his deuce more often when looking for a strikeout in 2016, bumping his K rate to a 35.7% with the pitch despite a career 18.9% mark. It's the product of earning the largest vertical drop on the pitch in his career, gaining nearly two inches since 2013.


18.5% Thrown  86.6 MPH

Among the 154 Sliders thrown by Harrell last season, luck was on his side as it allowed just a .200 BABIP despite average movement on the pitch. Its low zone rate (35.7%) and chase rate of just 21.2% don't speak promise looking ahead.


7.9% Thrown  83.7 MPH

Across the board, Harrell struggles to throw his arsenal for strikes and his Changeup is no different. He barely touches the pitch at all and when does, it results in a strike under half the time. There's work to be done.