Logan Verrett


57.2% Thrown  90.1 MPH

Verrett's Four-Seamer was favored heavily, though despite its larger usage it had much less success than his Two-Seamer, as his straight heater allowed a horrendous .301 ISO across its 640 pitches. His Two-Seamer, however, allowed just 22.5% line drives and not a single longball, limiting batters to just a .196 batting average. If he can throw the riding heater consistently inside the zone, a swap of pitch usage may be in order.


8.4% Thrown  77.1 MPH

To mix it up, Verrett offers a Curveball that doesn't have a determined role. It doesn't miss enough bats to use as a strikeout option, though he can't use it as a "Get-Me-Over" as the hook found the zone just 33.6% of the time in 2016.


25.1% Thrown  83.3 MPH

Verrett's favorite breaking ball is a Slider that earned a solid 16.6% whiff rate in 2016. It had everything you'd want in a #2 pitch - whiffability, batters chasing it off the plate, groundballs when put into play - but it couldn't avoid the longball, resulting in a negative pVal. Expect a more successful season ahead with his slide piece as he continues to pitch it with confidence


9.3% Thrown  83.8 MPH

There weren't many Changeups thrown by Verrett last year, but the 146 featured in 2016 were flat out painful, allowing batters to hold horrifically bad 1.604 OPS and .541 ISO against the pitch.