Lance McCullers
Houston Astros


41.4% Thrown  93.8 MPH

Here's a miraculous stat on McCuller's Fastball: It held a 24.8% walk rate in 2016. That's so terrible and is a product of batters resisting his Curveball, forcing him to turn to his Four-Seamer deep in the count, which he couldn't throw for a strike more than 50% of the time. Something needs to be fixed here, either throw Curveballs for strikes, locate his heater better, or find a third option to do the job for him.


49.6% Thrown  85.1 MPH

This pitch is so effective, McCullers elected to throw it more than his Fastball in 2016, and you really can't blame him. His Knuckle-Curve held a 45.3% O-Swing, 20.9% whiff rate and batters held a paltry .054 ISO against the pitch as it came in at a hard 85.1mph with three inches extra horizontal bend. The only issue is its poor 39.2% zone rate, which can lead to him relying on his heater deep in counts, which also struggles to find the plate.


9.0% Thrown  89.3 MPH

For now, McCullers' third option is a Changeup that doesn't do what it needs to do: find the strike zone constantly. It doesn't fool batters much either - just a 9.2% whiff rate - adding up to a third pitch that simply doesn't fit in McCullers' arsenal.