Lance Lynn
St. Louis Cardinals


82.1% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Lynn loves his Fastballs. Seriously, his second most used pitch came in at just a 10% rate last season. Lynn dances with a highly effective Four-Seamer that features above average horizontal movement and earned an elite 11.0% whiff rate in 2015.


4.9% Thrown  77.6 MPH

Lynn doesn't throw this hook for strikes often enough to make it a worthy addition.


10.1% Thrown  87.2 MPH

Lynn wants a proper breaking ball to keep batters honest against his Fastball, and his Slider - despite being a below average pitch - was good enough to not ruin outings and keep his Fastball effective.


3.0% Thrown  84.8 MPH

An effective Changeup would be a great complement to his studly Fastball, but it flat out didn't work - batters held an absurd 1.583 OPS among 2015's 91 thrown Changeups.