Kyle Lohse


62.0% Thrown  86.9 MPH

We only saw Lohse for a pair of starts last year, though it looked like more of the same from his Sinkerball approach - a lot of hard contact and minimal effectiveness.


4.8% Thrown  72.6 MPH

Traditionally, Lohse's Curveball has been of the "Get-Me-Over" variety and not one with a deadly bite - his highest whiff rate with the pitch since 2013 was a 5.1% mark.


20.9% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Lohse relies heavily on his Slider, turning to it as his favorite secondary pitch to mix in with his heater. It's worked for him over the years, earning a career 37.4 total pVal, though it's lost a ton of movement over the last four years, missing over four inches of vertical drop from its 2013 iteration.


12.3% Thrown  76.1 MPH

The pitch with the most whiffability has been Lohse's slow ball, which holds a career 42.9% O-Swing rate and 16.3% Whiff rate. Expect Lohse to turn to the pitch often to mask the ineffectiveness of his heater if he logs innings in the near future.