Kris Medlen
Atlanta Braves


54.5% Thrown  90.7 MPH

Medlen mostly hurls Two-Seamers, which generate grounders around 50% of the time through his career. He struggled to find the zone with the pitch last year, holding a 48.5% zone rate that sits nearly 10 points lower than his career mark.


12.8% Thrown  77.9 MPH

Medlen pulled back on his Curveballs last season in the limited time we saw him, though he was flexing improved horizontal and vertical movement on the pitch that suggest its limited usage wasn't justified.


17.9% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Medlen introduced a Slider in 2016, at the cost of his Fastball and hook. The pitch was very successful, earning a 20.0% whiff rate and become his favorite putaway pitch, registering a 37.5% K rate.


14.7% Thrown  85.0 MPH

During Medlen's heyday, this Changeup was the backbone of his success, earning whiff rates above 25% for the pitch. That number has fallen all the way to just 14.3% last season and he'll need to claim the feel for the pitch if he hopes to touch his former excellence.