Koda Glover’s Slider + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Thursday’s Games

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Koda Glover’s Slider – Koda has impressed many during his first two appearances in the majors and he flashed his excellent breaking ball after throwing some serious heat. Just watch how badly Chris Taylor was fooled by this 90 mph Slider. (Thanks to Redditor yousmelllikebiscuits for the tip!)


Steven Wright‘s Knuckleball – It was just one of those nights for Wright as his Knuckleball danced every which way to befuddle the Twins lineup. Miguel Sano let out his frustration after whiffing on this spin-less pitch, though I’m not sure how he expected himself to make contact as it darted down and away at the lat moment. (Thanks to @MokiChokey and Redditor ldkick for the tip!)


Tom Koehler‘s Curveball – Koehler isn’t the flashiest of pitchers, but he has his moments of brilliance and he allowed just one ER over eight frames against the Phillies yesterday. His best pitch is his deuce, which gave Jimmy Paredes all kinds of trouble in the eighth.


Francisco Liriano‘s Changeup – It’s sink or swim with Liriano and boy was he buoyant yesterday against the Brewers to the tune of 13 Ks and zero walks. Everything was lively, and when his Changeup works, it is a beautiful pitch with its late fading action off the plate.


Adam Wainwright‘s Cutter – Some refer to Waino’s Curveball as his best pitch, though it’s been his Cutter that has carried him through his career. Exhibit A is this well placed offering that continues to dive under the hands of Ryan Schimpf.


Andrew Cashner‘s Fastball – Casher has been on top of his game lately and overcame a tough challenge yesterday facing the Cardinals on their home turf. He exemplified his success by spotting this comeback 96 mph Fastball on the outside corner to Randal Grichuk. The camera angle doesn’t do it justice as there is a ton of movement pulling this heater back over the plate.


Stephen Strasburg‘s Curveball – It wasn’t a fun day for Strasburg as Justin Turner and the Dodgers handed Stephen his first loss of the season. Still, he managed to rack up ten strikeouts on the day, including this one to opposing pitcher Julio Urias on a fantastic hook.

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