Kevin Gausman
Baltimore Orioles


65.4% Thrown  94.7 MPH

Gausman's heater is as straight as they come, and he does a good job of pinpointing the pitch along the edges instead of hurling them in the danger zones. He pounds the zone often while limiting hard contact at a decent rate, allowing 27.7% line drives and inducing 35.5% infield flyballs last season.


13.3% Thrown  79.7 MPH

Gausman's breaking ball is by far his weakest attribute and his ceiling as a pitcher is capped until he can find a proper breaking ball he can rely on. Until then, we have this Slider that allowed a .923 OPS last season, though it did feature above-average vertical drop. Too bad he struggled to throw the pitch in the zone - a paltry 30.7% mark - despite not being used as a strikeout pitch.


21.3% Thrown  84.7 MPH

This Splitty is what how Gausman makes a living. He upped the rate of Split-Finger Fastballs in 2016, taking advantage of its stellar 22.0% whiff rate and 46.4% O-Swing rate. It also generated a ton of grounders at a 60.2% clip, holding batters just a .203 BAA.

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