Kenta Maeda
Los Angeles Dodgers


43.1% Thrown  89.9 MPH

Maeda rotated between Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, though the latter simply wasn't working as it should - just a 36.2% zone rate and only a 23.2% O-Swing rate doesn't instill faith moving forward. However, his Four-Seamer got the job done, with a 54.2% zone rate and limited batters to a low .210 BAA across 806 pitches thrown.


17.9% Thrown  72.5 MPH

Maeda's deuce was as "Get-Me-Over" as you'll find - a 49.7% zone rate with just a 5.0% whiff rate and 7.9% K rate. It's used early in counts and rarely late.


29.6% Thrown  81.5 MPH

Maeda's Slider was impeccable last year as he was able to place the pitch perfectly along the outside corner, toying with batters as they couldn't decide if the pitch was going to nip the corner or fall into the left-handed batter's box. This led to a brilliant 21.3% whiff rate and 49.0% O-Swing for the pitch, which will be hard to replicate in future seasons.


9.5% Thrown  82.4 MPH

Maeda's third pitch is a sturdy Changeup that fools batters a ton when paired with his Four-Seamer. It's low 31.3% zone rate was more by design than inability to toss strikes, taking advantage of its 14.6% whiff rate while it had batters chasing out of the zone at a premier 43.4% rate, inducing grounders at a top-notch 57.4%.