Justin Verlander’s Curveball vs. Stephen Strasburg’s Curveball

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Through the playoffs, Justin Verlander wowed us as he often put the Astros on his back during critical victories. One of the biggest was Game 6 where his deuce made a fool of many Yankee batters, including Todd Frazier, swinging plenty late on this big hook. That doesn’t mean an instant ticket to the Elite eight, however, as Stephen Strasburg threw a gorgeous Curveball of his own in the late months, including this bender to Jose Altuve that made the AL MVP hopeful break his back before the ball swept across the plate for the punchout. Both pitches beautifully fooled the batters at hand, but one only can move ahead to Thursday’s vote.


Justin Verlander’s Curveball vs. Stephen Strasburg’s Curveball

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