Justin Verlander
Houston Astros


53.8% Thrown  93.7 MPH

Even after all these years, Verlander can still sling it, touching 98.4mph with his heater in 2016. He had his most successful season with his Four-Seamer since 2011, earning a stellar 14.8 pVal. He held the highest whiff rate of his career with pitch at 12.2% with an immense 34.2% O-Swing, which is elite for Fastballs. Pair that with a 50.8% zone rate and Verlander had strikes all over the place with the pitch. Talk about a good foundation for your secondary pitches.


15.8% Thrown  78.7 MPH

Verlander's deuce is an incredibly effective pitch even though it's whiff rate sits at just 8.0%. He's able to surprise it on batters often, evidenced by its sub 40% swing rate despite a whopping 47.5% zone rate, which earns him strikes as well as backward Ks. Batters held just a .436 OPS against the pitch if you needed a little more context to this pitch's debilitation of opponents.


2.7% Thrown  84.7 MPH

Verlander began the season throwing this Slider, which was having very little success in the month of April. He then shelved the loopy pitch for a harder Cutter in the beginning of May and everything changed for the better. Good riddance.


12.4% Thrown  86.9 MPH

Despite all the success Verlander had last season, his Changeup had itself the worst season on record, recording a poor -6.6 pVal across 453 thrown. It's a shocking mark given his best vertical drop and horizontal movement since 2011, but the pitch carried a terrible 23.1% HR/FB rate, which nearly double his previous career high. Expect the pitch to return a better value as that mark settles back to normal in 2017.


15.6% Thrown  89.4 MPH

Here is the reason for Verlander's return to form in 2016 as he swapped this pitch for his ineffective Slider in early May. Whiff rates went up, O-Swing went up, and Cy-Young status returned.