Justin Nicolino
Miami Marlins


52.7% Thrown  89.1 MPH

If you're looking for an impressive heater, Nicolino is not your man. The Southpaw averaged under 90mph with his Four-Seamer, and it got laced for a .927 OPS, allowing contact at an incredibly high 95.1% mark.


12.0% Thrown  76.9 MPH

Nicolino upped his Curveball usage about 50% despite losing 1.6 inches of vertical drop on the pitch and it returned a 44.9% O-Swing rate and .645 allowed OPS in 145 thrown. Not bad.


17.4% Thrown  82.6 MPH

Nicolino didn't get many whiffs on his Changeup, but its high 38.4% O-Swing rate allowed him to induce 60.3% grounders with the pitch as he was also able to throw it over the plate at a decent rate to keep batters off his heater.


17.8% Thrown  86.6 MPH

Nicolino's favorite secondary pitch is this Cutter, which helped produce more grounders but didn't do much in the way of missing bats - just a 6.1% whiff rate last season.