Junior Guerra
Milwaukee Brewers


61.5% Thrown  93.1 MPH

Guerra's Four-Seamer was top notch in 2016, earning just under a 10.0 pVal as he pumped it as hard as 96.7mph. He limited bats to just a .134 ISO while featuring an impressive 8.0% HR/FB rate despite calling Miller Park his home. If Guerra is to repeat his breakout 2016 season, he will need to repeat the foundation his Four-Seamer set.


18.6% Thrown  82.0 MPH

Despite it's low 37.2% zone rate, Guerra got a lot out of his Curveball, earning a decent 34.1% O-Swing rate as batters rolled over the pitch for grounders at a great 61.0% rate. In deeper counts though, Guerra rarely went to his hook and elected to use his heater or Splitter instead.


19.9% Thrown  85.1 MPH

It's this splitty that gets everyone talking about Guerra, which had an excellent 19.4% whiff rate leading to a high 42.5% K rate for the pitch. Batters held a minute .390 OPS against the pitch and if anything, Guerra didn't use the pitch enough last year.