Julio Teheran
Atlanta Braves


55.8% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Teheran loves to sit away from right-handed batters with his heater, exactly like in the pitch above. The plan worked last season, preventing walks and limiting extra-base hits at a decent rate, allowing him to provide a good enough foundation for his Slider. However, there's room to fall with the pitch, coming in at a middling 91mph without movement. If he can maintain the status quo, Teheran will be just fine.


9.8% Thrown  71.9 MPH

With just a 14.5% K rate and 46.9% zone rate, it's easy to label Teheran's deuce as a "Get-Me-Over" hook that he used to earn a quick strike early in counts.


25.7% Thrown  81.1 MPH

By far the best pitch in Teheran's repertoire is this Slider that earned a fantastic 21.4% whiff rate in 2016. Paired with an excellent 46.4% O-Swing rate, Teheran turned to the slide piece whenever he needed a big pitch.


8.7% Thrown  82.2 MPH

Teheran changed his approach with his Changeup last year, throwing it more often in the zone instead of off the plate attempting to induce whiffs. The approach worked in his favor despite losing vertical movement - sometimes command is more important than life.