Juan Nicasio
Seattle Mariners


68.7% Thrown  93.7 MPH

Nicasio went against the grain of typical starters under the guise of Ray Searage and stuck with his Four-Seamer through the year. His command of the heater was much better in 2016, spotting the ball inside to right-handers often that helped him raise his IFFB rate from 20.0% to 40.8%.


28.4% Thrown  86.4 MPH

Nicasio's Slider took a nosedive in 2016, dropping to a -5.6 pVal after a solid 2.2 value the year before. Its .163 ISO allowed after a .066 mark might be the cause of losing over an inch of vertical depth.


2.9% Thrown  87.1 MPH

Nicasio barely touches his Changeup as the pitch barely has any vertical drop compared to his Four-Seamer - there isn't even a full inch of separation. The result was a paltry 4.8% whiff across the 62 Changeups he threw in 2016.