Josh Tomlin
Cleveland Indians


39.2% Thrown  87.8 MPH

Tomlin throws mostly Four-Seamers, relying on its rise to earn a hefty amount of flyballs. It hasn't been working in his favor lately, with his IFFB rate dropping for its third straight year to just 15.8% in 2016 and his HR/FB hitting a career high rate of 21.1%.


14.9% Thrown  75.1 MPH

Tomlin's strikeout pitch is his Curveball, though the pitch lost vertical drop last season as its O-Swing rate lost over 10 points, pulling its whiff rate down with it - after an excellent 20.8% mark in 2015, a 13.4% rate in 2016 was far from ideal.


7.6% Thrown  83.2 MPH

Tomlin uses his Changeup as a surprise pitch early in counts and rarely turns to the pitch deeper into at-bats.


38.2% Thrown  85.3 MPH

Tomlin loves his Cutter, upping its usage dramatically last season to nearly match his total Fastball count. It may not have been a wise choice though, as its previously low BABIP of .196 wasn't meant to stick around, and rose to .332 in 2016. It's possible his poor vertical movement on this Cutter was the culprit, as he lost two inches of drop, leading to a lower whiff rate and more line drives.