Jose Urena
Miami Marlins


66.3% Thrown  94.8 MPH

Urena dances between Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers and there's work to be done. His Four-Seamer simply isn't an effective pitch - batters held a cool .927 OPS with a .253 ISO against the pitch - and while his Two-Seamer renders positive results (just a .107 ISO allowed), he struggles to find the zone with the pitch (just a 42.3% rate!), making it tough to trust deeper in counts.


5.9% Thrown  83.9 MPH

Urena barely touches his hook, which held a great 50% zone rate as it's used to steal a quick strike or freeze batters for a surprise strikeout.


11.3% Thrown  85.8 MPH

Urena's main breaking ball is this Slider that sacrifices drop in favor of above average bend. He turns to the pitch for a little bit of everything: groundballs at a 60.0% rate, strikes when he needs them and as a strikeout pitch using its 33.0% O-Swing rate. Think of it as a jack-of-all-trades pitch instead of a deadly offering.


16.5% Thrown  89.0 MPH

Despite turning to his Changeup as his favorite secondary pitch, the pitch as a whole leaves much to be desired. The 1.3 inch is vertical differentiation between his slow ball and Four-Seamer allowed the pitch to be laced for a liner 35.6% of the time, while allowing longballs often, holding a poor 23.1% HR/FB rate.