Jose Quintana
Chicago Cubs


66.9% Thrown  92.0 MPH

Quintana's Fastballs stole the spotlight last season, with both his Two-Seamer and Four-Seamer registering double-digit pitch values. The latter was particularly effective, located in the zone at an impressive 57.2% mark and held batters to just a .656 OPS across 1437 thrown.


25.0% Thrown  77.6 MPH

After being easily the best pitch in his repertoire, Quintana's Curveball struggled in 2016, dropping his groundball rate 14 points and seeing a near .300 point increase in OPS allowed. The main difference is Quintana's approach with the pitch. In 2015, he elected to feature the pitch when ahead against hitters, often earning outs or free strikes when batters were sitting on a heater. In 2016, he elected to save his Curveball for beneficial counts, which didn't work in the pitch's favor. I'd expect a new approach in 2017 with a more even mix


8.1% Thrown  86.0 MPH

Quintana has been reducing his Changeup usage steadily since 2014 and it might be a wise move as it has failed to record a positive pitch value in his career with below average movement and a career 7.0% whiff rate.

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