Jose Fernandez
Miami Marlins


53.3% Thrown  95.3 MPH

It always starts with the heater and Jose featured an excellent Four-Seamer Fastball, which had a contact rate under 80% despite being thrown inside the zone at an incredibly high 61.8% clip. He touched triple digits a few times in 2016 and set the tone for an incredibly tough at-bat from the get-go, especially with his unreal breaking ball in his back pocket.


33.8% Thrown  83.7 MPH

Nicknamed "The Defector", Jose's breaking ball - a mix of a Slider and Curveball - was flat out filthy and one of the best pitches in the majors. In his final season, this pitch earned a whopping 21.3 pVal with a 23.8% whiff rate, 46.8% O-Swing and an absurd 54.2% K rate despite being thrown as often as 33% of the time. That's ridiculous efficiency.


12.9% Thrown  88.3 MPH

Fernandez's Changeup was his most overlooked pitch, which would have been an elite #2 pitch for any other starter. It was a consistent producer for Fernandez, earning a 13.3% whiff rate as its horizontal and vertical movement were well above average as its velocity hit upper 80s.