Jose Berrios
Minnesota Twins


64.0% Thrown  93.3 MPH

Just watching the GIF above can help understand Berrios' upside, though he struggled with consistency throwing both his Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer. The latter struggled mightily to find the zone, while he allowed a poor 16.7% HR/FB rate with his Four-Seamer, which gets amplified when it allowed 49.0% flyballs. There's a lot of talent in this arm, but he can't take the next step until he commands his heaters well.


21.6% Thrown  80.9 MPH

Berrios' hook was hit with poor luck last year, holding a .375 BABIP despite generating nearly three inches of horizontal movement with the pitch. Look for his Curveball to be the product of many strikeouts in the future if he can set it up properly.


14.4% Thrown  84.6 MPH

Berrios gets above average depth on his Changeup, mimicking the spin of his Two-Seam Fastball. He struggled to find the zone with the offerring, rendering just a 31.5% zone rate, which would be excused if it was used situationally as a strikeout pitch. That wasn't the case - just a 13.9% K rate - and if he's only featuring three pitches, this Changeup needs to be the one he relies on to mix constantly with his Fastball to work in his excellent Curveball

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