Jorge De La Rosa
Arizona Diamondbacks


33.5% Thrown  90.2 MPH

It's a Four-Seam heavy approach from De La Rosa that got crushed in 2016 with an allowed OPS of 1.097 as he left the ball up and couldn't find the zone deep in counts. It's hard to expect success with a lacking Four-Seamer, especially in Coors.


9.7% Thrown  73.3 MPH

De La Rosa favored his Curveball a bit more last season, using it to get a cheap strike early in the count or more often trying to shut the door, giving it a 32.7% K rate for the year.


34.1% Thrown  81.6 MPH

This Splitter is De La Rosa's money, generating whiffs at a super high 20% mark last season and inducing grounders at a career 57.5%. If he had a proper foundation in front of it, there would be plenty more success for the pitch than its poor 0.4 pVal from last season.


22.7% Thrown  86.3 MPH

De La Rosa uses his Cutter often in an attempt to hide his Four-Seamer, but this secondary option simply isn't a better option, with an allowed 1.029 OPS last season and featuring mediocre movement.