Jordan Zimmermann
Detroit Tigers


52.3% Thrown  91.8 MPH

Zimmermann elected to throw fewer Fastballs last season and it was probably a good idea given that he had his worst season with the pitch by far, holding an atrocious -15.1 pVal with his Four-Seamer in 2016. It may be the product of lost velocity - his 91.8mph last season was much lower than his 93.0mph in 2015 - or it could be due to the increased rise on his heater that allowed batters to get more lift on the pitch, spiking his allowed ISO on Four-Seamers from .154 to .266 in 2016.


13.3% Thrown  80.0 MPH

This Curveball is Zim's putaway pitch, though it held its lowest whiff rate since 2011 with a meager 8.4%. However ,it still held an excellent O-Swing rate of 38.2% and registered grounders at a solid 51.4%, making it the most productive pitch in his repertoire.


31.1% Thrown  87.1 MPH

After a pair of excellent seasons with his Slider, Zimmermann dramatically increased his usage of the pitch in 2016 to less impressive results. The problem was a reduction in vertical drop, which lost two inches since 2014. As its whiff rate fell, so did his ability to throw it in the zone. The pitch isn't what it used to be, but Zim can still depend on it in any count.


3.3% Thrown  87.1 MPH

The fourth pitch in Zimmermann's repertoire is a barely touched Changeup, which has only been thrown 66 times across the last two seasons, with just one whiff to its name. You might as well act like the pitch doesn't exist.