Jon Moscot
Cincinnati Reds


52.0% Thrown  90.5 MPH

We haven't seen much of Moscot thus far, but what he's showed us is a middling Four-Seamer that struggled to find that zone while getting smacked for five longballs in just 131 thrown. He mixed in some Two-Seamers as well, but that went terribly as well: an allowed 1.190 OPS across 84 thrown.


10.4% Thrown  77.1 MPH

This is a by-the-book "Get-Me-Over" deuce that plays second fiddle to Moscot's slide piece.


28.1% Thrown  82.5 MPH

In an attempt to hold off batters on his heater, Moscot mixes in a good amount of Sliders, which he can get over the plate when he needs to. There's promise here, as batters chased the pitch off the plate over 40% of the time.


9.4% Thrown  82.0 MPH

This will most likely be Moscot's third pitch, as it is set up to play well with his Four-Seamer. It had good sink, helping him earn a 75% groundball rate in its small sample.