Jon Lester
Chicago Cubs


65.5% Thrown  92.2 MPH

Lester did a great job of spotting his Four-Seamer along the outside corner to right-handers last season, which led to his lowest OPS allowed in his career at an excellent .608 mark.


12.7% Thrown  74.6 MPH

It was the lowest zone rate of Lester's career with his deuce, but it was by design - Lester used the pitch often with two strikes, tossing it out of the zone and relying on its best whiff rate of his career at 21.3%. It should be no surprise that the pitch held its lowest contact rate by a longshot - 47.5% - while setting a career high K rate of 52.1%.


4.9% Thrown  84.8 MPH

Lester rarely turns to his Changeup, though when he surprises batters with the pitch, it works: a 72.4% groundball rate, a 24.0% swinging strike mark, and an allowed ISO of just .047 last season.


16.9% Thrown  88.3 MPH

Over the years, Lester has failed to register a negative pVal with his Cutter, earning an immense 75.5 value for the pitch in his ten years on the bump. His command of the pitch to nibble the outside edge while also busting right-handers in-and-off the plate makes it his most dependable secondary offering.