John Lamb
Los Angeles Angels


49.9% Thrown  89.5 MPH

Lamb doesn't have an exceptional heater, making it imperative that he locates it well to avoid hard contact. He wasn't able to nibble effectively last season, evident in his Four-Seamer's 13.2% walk rate and an allowed .216 ISO.


13.3% Thrown  67.7 MPH

Lamb's most dependable pitch last year was his Curveball, which was able to get swings off the plate at a 40.0% clip, while also landing inside the zone at a great 43.5% rate.


17.0% Thrown  74.5 MPH

Lamb's success hinges on his Changeup, which can be deadly at times (a 17.8% whiff rate) while a meatball for batters to crush (an allowed .980 OPS last season). He'll need to improve his consistency with the pitch to take the next step.


19.8% Thrown  85.2 MPH

After displaying an impressive 14.3% whiff rate in his debut year, Lamb took a step back with his Cutter in 2016, dropping that number to just 4.0% as the pitch lost 1.5 inches of both horizontal and vertical movement.