John Lackey
Chicago Cubs


58.2% Thrown  91.7 MPH

It's Four-Seamers in favor of Two-Seamers at a 2-to-1 ratio from Lackey, pummeling the zone with straight heaters while turning to the riding Fastball for groundballs when he needed them.


13.3% Thrown  78.6 MPH

Lackey uses his deuce mostly to earn strikes during at-bats, which he can get by throwing it over the plate or tossing it just under the zone to induce a poor swing. He upped its usage last year, though it also came with the second highest line drive rate allowed with the pitch in his career.


23.2% Thrown  83.4 MPH

So this pitch was labelled as a Cutter by Pitchf/x, but that's just wrong and we're not going to make the same mistake here. Lackey's Slider was incredibly good last year after having a rough 2015 and the biggest difference was...its BABIP. Movement was similar (a touch more horizontal bend), velocity the same, location the same, but that BABIP went from a .383 to .189 last season. Sure, the Cubs defense helped but I can't expect the same pVal to return with the pitch. It's 20% whiff rate should stick around though and it will continue to be Lackey's best putaway pitch.


5.4% Thrown  84.2 MPH

Despite losing a touch of movement on his Changeup, Lackey still increased it whiff rate dramatically last season to 13.1%, while its contact rate dropped from 92.8% to just 68.8%. The catalyst? Much better locations down-and-away from left-handed hitters as opposed to elevating the pitch and jamming inside to right-handers.