Joel De La Cruz
Atlanta Braves


52.6% Thrown  91.3 MPH

It's Sinkers all day with De La Cruz, which earned him a steady 50.0% groundball rate last season. Problem is, it got laced for a .244 ISO and he only found the plate 48.7% with the pitch, despite its above average vertical drop.


25.1% Thrown  85.8 MPH

The breaking ball in De La Cruz's repertoire is a Slider that has below average movement across the board. It's a decent pitch, but he needs a better breaking pitch if he's going to mask the ineffectiveness of his heater.


22.4% Thrown  84.5 MPH

This Changeup is by far De La Cruz's best offering, which earned a 15.1% whiff rate and held batters to just a .172 batting average in 2016.