Joe Ross
Washington Nationals


53.3% Thrown  92.6 MPH

Ross loves his sinkerball, though it had a bit of difficulty generating the grounders that it should induce in 2016 due to his struggles locating the pitch down in the zone. It will be a major focus for Ross entering the season and don't expect a major stride in his numbers without improved locations on his Sinkers.


38.6% Thrown  83.7 MPH

The best pitch in Ross' repertoire is easily his slide piece, which is as deadly as they come - 21.3% whiff rate and an excellent 43.2% O-Swing rate among a huge sample of 656 thrown. He also holds the ability to throw the pitch for a stike, featuring a 47.7% zone rate, making it the perfect #2 pitch to back up his heater.


8.2% Thrown  87.0 MPH

Ross is looking to take a step forward with his Split-Change in 2017, which didn't have the sharp command it needs to be a sturdy third option. The movement is there, polish is all that is missing.