Jimmy Nelson
Milwaukee Brewers


71.0% Thrown  93.1 MPH

Nelson increased his Sinker total in 2016 and it was a disaster - a -17.4 pVal for the season across 1437 thrown ,featuring a .877 allowed OPS and .309 BAA. The grounders were there, but he was unable to trust the pitch deeper in counts allowing for a 12.6% walk rate that set a poor foundation for the rest of his pitches.


10.7% Thrown  82.6 MPH

Nelson pulled back on his Knuckle-Curve usage in 2016 in favor of more Sinkers, a possibly harmful change as his Sinker was one of the worst pitches around. Look for the deuce to return more for cheap strikes during early counts in 2017 and beyond.


17.5% Thrown  86.9 MPH

Easily Nelson's best pitch, his Slider earned a 6.0 pVal in 2016 as it was a strong putaway pitch. It holds a career 40.4% K rate with a hefty 18.2% whiff rate as the pitch holds bonus vertical movement compared to the average right-handed slide piece.


0.8% Thrown  85.7 MPH

Nelson barely throws a Changeup - just 25 thrown all of last season - and its doubtful that it will make a major impact in 2017.