Jhoulys Chacin
Milwaukee Brewers


57.3% Thrown  90.5 MPH

Chacin throws a mix of straight and riding Fastballs, with his Two-Seamer getting the slight edge last season. Regardless of the option, neither performed all too well, with both holding walk rates above 10% and OPS allowed above .800.


9.6% Thrown  78.3 MPH

Chacin constantly uses his Curveball to get strikes despite its lack of hard vertical break. It's as "Get-Me-Over" as you'll find with its high zone rate and low whiff tally.


22.0% Thrown  81.8 MPH

The most effective pitch is Chacin's repertoire is this Slider, which he relies on heavily for strikeouts year-to-year. There is some negative despite its consistently positive pVals, though - it lost some vertical movement in 2016 leading to a four point dip in whiff rate. It's still a fantastic pitch that induced a whopping 44.5% O-Swing rate, but it may be a trend that will pull the pitch down in future seasons.


6.9% Thrown  83.7 MPH

There was a rise in this Changeup's whiff rate last year - a 12.3% mark was its highest since 2010 - as he generated over two inches more lateral movement than his career average.


4.3% Thrown  86.0 MPH

Chacin cut back tremendously on his Cutter in 2016, cutting its usage by two-thirds. It may have been a reaction to its loss near two inch loss of horizontal movement, which could be the culprit behind the pitch allowing four HRs in just 104 thrown.