Jeremy Hellickson
Baltimore Orioles


49.8% Thrown  90.0 MPH

It's a near even split between Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, with the latter getting tagged for a .325 BAA last season. However, he increased his movement on the pitch last year, adding 1.5 inches of horizontal movement and half an inch of depth. He focuses these Two-Seamers inside to right-handers and away to lefties - often off the plate - while using his Four-Seamer as an all purpose strike machine. The combination could work in theory, but he'll have to work on limiting mistakes with both offerings, including lower his Four-Seamer's 15%+ HR/FB rates of the past two seasons.


15.3% Thrown  76.7 MPH

Hellickson's favorite breaking ball is a solid Curveball that held batters to just a .103 ISO last season. Its vertical break is well above average and he does a great job of limiting hangers as he spots it at the bottom or below the zone.


9.9% Thrown  85.1 MPH

Hellickson's fourth pitch is a Slider that is used as a "show-me" pitch that can get cheap strikes and keep batters guessing. Don't expect the slide piece deep into counts unless Hellickson feels like he's out of options.


25.1% Thrown  80.4 MPH

Hellickson's money pitch is a Changeup and it makes him a tantalizing arm. The slow ball an incredible 26.1% whiff rate last season, a product of its excellent deception out of his arm and possibly due to his Fastball making batters salivate at its possible presence inside the zone.