Jerad Eickhoff
Philadelphia Phillies


52.6% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Eickhoff's Fastball were a problem last season, though the damage was mostly done against a minority of his pitches, namely the 486 Two-Seamers he threw last season, which allowed a whopping .224 ISO. On the flip side, his straight heater that he trusts more often wasn't spectacular - a .758 OPS allowed - but it wasn't as harmful across the 1102 thrown.


24.1% Thrown  75.0 MPH

The pitch above is the standout in Eickhoff's arsenal: a big Curveball that held a monstrous 52.0% K rate last season. Its extra vertical drop and ability to earn strikes via chases off the plate and inside the strike zone helped earn it a great 7.3 pVal last season.


18.1% Thrown  81.9 MPH

Mixed with his big hook is a Slider that registered a superb 17.0% whiff rate while hitting the zone at a sparkling 53.3% rate. With batters making contact just 65.0% of the time, you have to believe its sub 20% usage rate will increase in 2017.


5.1% Thrown  84.1 MPH

There's work to be done with Eickhoff's fourth pitch, a Changeup that doesn't have enough sink to properly match up with his Four-Seamer. The result was a poor 7.1% whiff rate across the 154 thrown last season.