Jeff Samardzija
San Francisco Giants


47.8% Thrown  94.3 MPH

Samardzija favors a Four-Seamer plenty more than his riding heater, though he can freeze batters with his Two-Seamer at times along the outside corner like in the GIF above. Both pitches haven't worked in his favor over the years, with straight heater registering a total -30.9 pVal through his nine seasons, while his Two-Seamer earning positive seasons just twice in the six years he's featured it.


5.6% Thrown  79.7 MPH

With just 178 thrown and a 51.1% zone rate, it's safe to call this deuce a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball that occasionally shows up to sneak a third strike.


17.4% Thrown  85.5 MPH

Despite weening off his Slider a bit last season, Samardzija's Slider was a grossly successful pitch, earning a 13.8 pVal. Mixing it with his Slider increased its deception, bringing his BAA down from a poor .289 in 2015 to just .155 in 2016.


9.1% Thrown  85.7 MPH

This pitch used to have a larger role to play, but his Cutter took over, help Samardzija limit the walk rates at a cost of some strikeouts - the pitch used to register whiff rates north of 20%, but it has failed to reach 14% since 2014.


20.1% Thrown  92.1 MPH

Samardzija's Cutter has very subtle movement, tailing away from right-handers without much depth. With batters salivating at his straight heater, the pitch has had a ton of success, earning at least 10% swinging strike rates in each of the last three seasons.