Jeff Hoffman
Colorado Rockies


58.9% Thrown  93.9 MPH

The first element of Hoffman that attracts viewers is his Fastball velocity, which touched as high as 97mph last season. He's a Four-Seam pitcher that does a good job of keeping the ball down, while jamming right-handers inside to earn a 50%+ groundball rate with the pitch.


17.0% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Hoffman's putaway pitch is a this huge hook, which gets over three inches of bonus vertical drop. While it doesn't get a ton of whiffs, he can surprise batters with the pitch in the zone, while oil his groundball machine with a 72.7% groundball rate last year.


9.2% Thrown  83.5 MPH

When Hoffman needs to earn a strike without unleashing a heater, he turns to his Slider, which, like his deuce, gets bonus vertical drop. From the 51 he threw last year, he can toss it in the zone on command, while it had the highest whiff rate among all his pitches at 13.7%.


14.1% Thrown  86.4 MPH

The final pitch in Hoffman's arsenal is a Changeup that features a ton of side-run, hinting at a two-seam grip compared to his straight Fastball. It can be a solid pitch if he keeps throwing it low in the zone, though its tendency to run too far arm-side needs a little work.