Jason Hammel
Kansas City Royals


51.9% Thrown  92.1 MPH

It's a near 2-to-1 ratio between Hammel's Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer, though it was the most successful year for the latter he's ever had. The catalyst? Its best zone rate while getting the most drop on the pitch since 2010, propelling its groundball rate to 57.8%.


10.4% Thrown  79.8 MPH

Hammel increased his Curveball usage last year, using it more as a strikeout pitch as it gained its highest swinging-strike rate since 2010. Unfortunately, it also rendered a high 31.6% line drive rate, making it a tough pitch to rely on.


35.2% Thrown  84.9 MPH

The most effective pitch in Hammel's repertoire is easily his Slider, which can be used in any scenario with its solid zone rate and excellent O-Swing/whiff rates. Meanwhile, batters held just a .191 BAA across all 922 thrown last year.


2.6% Thrown  84.7 MPH

Hammel elected to ween off his changeup even more last year, throwing just 69 total. There is some whiffability upside lurking here, but he doesn't throw it consistently enough to gain the confidence in the pitch.