James Shields
Chicago White Sox


43.2% Thrown  90.4 MPH

It didn't matter if Shields was throwing his Four-Seamer or Two-Seamer, he got lit up with his Fastball - 1.025 allowed OPS with his straight heater and a .193 ISO allowed on his Two-Seamer.


16.4% Thrown  77.0 MPH

The sole breaking ball in Shields' repertoire is a big hook that often dives down below 70mph for added vertical movement. It was his most successful pitch in 2016, as it limited both line drives (14.5% clip) and longballs (4.8% HR/FB rate).


21.5% Thrown  83.8 MPH

Shields gets above average horizontal fade on his Changeup, but his whiff rate was a career low for the pitch in 2016, propelling him to the worst pVal of its career at a -6.1 mark.


18.9% Thrown  86.1 MPH

When Shields locates this Cutter well, this pitch is beautiful to watch like the one above. However, Shields' ability to do so has diminished over the years, which exploded for a monstrous 1.074 OPS allowed last season.